Image by John Salvino


An increased remote workforce coupled with SD-WAN adoption has introduced the requirement for a scalable and cost effective traffic filtering mechanism. Our cloud based secure web gateway allows our clients to pay as they grow in terms of employee size and not have to worry about increasing SSL decryption, throughput or high availability. Additionally by utilizing the secure gateway traffic will traverse our private cloud path which offers additional security as well as fast paths across the globe.
    Utilize multiple mechanisms to direct traffic to our cloud and utilize our central management plane to make traffic decisions as well as integrate into other offerings from our portfolio such as the zeru trust remote access or CASB and DLP offerings. 
    Some of the benefits that can be realized from utilizing our SWG include

  • Decryption at scale. You will no longer have to worry about specifying the right hardware or trying to future proof your purchase

  • Licensing based on a per user (not per device) basis allowing our clients to pay as they grow

  • High availability with best path and redundancy across more than 40 locations across the world

  • Multiple traffic steering options for sites or individual users and devices

  • Utilization of our private cloud peering for significantly improved browsing and latency 

  • Seamless integration with our other products utilizing the same management plane for CASB, remote access and DLP