Remote access has been thrust further into the forefront and many customers are scrambling to find operationally effective ways to connect their employees to their corporate applications. With the drive to cloud many believe this may no longer be necessary, but cloud hosted should not automatically mean internet accessible. 

We do not believe in traditional remote access anymore and neither should you. Zero trust access is a security principle that has been praised and being adopted by security conscientious companies around the world.

Our zero trust remote access services allows our customers to:

  • Connect to their applications irrespective of location (cloud or private) without dialing into a gateway

  • Applications are never exposed to the internet and therefore never available to be attacked

  • No VPN gateway exists which removes another common attack vector

  • No dial-in from the end user, which improves user experience and operational complexity

  • Granular flexible policies based on items like user, group, location and security posture / compliance

  • Cloud managed and provisioned for central management and control

Image by XPS