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Whether your applications reside in the cloud, on premise or are deployed in a hybrid model they require advanced security mechanisms that can protect against various attacks and threats on a daily basis. Standard port filtering via perimeter firewall devices no longer satisfy the security requirements and instead advanced inspection techniques backed up by application awareness and machine learning are needed to defend against misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, exploitations and denial of service threats. 
    Our web application firewall products are capable of offering cloud and on premise protection through a scalable and agile management plane with flexible pricing models offering protection regardless of deployment size.

Our web application firewalls offer the following benefits

  • Customized security based on your applications and not just ports or protocols

  • Intelligent load balancing and application awareness to ensure SLA's

  • Cloud, on prem or hybrid solutions available

  • Hyper scalable model allowing massive deployments to be managed from a single pane of glass

  • Fully managed services available to ensure proactive security, protection and availability for your applications